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My name is Mark Stallabrass and I'm an intuitive, holistic healer, counsellor, teacher and Reiki Master.

If you are on a journey of self-discovery, a path of conscious spiritual growth or you are going through a period of healing, change and development, you can get wise and compassionate help and guidance from me.

Find out more about me, see some testimonials and contact me for advice or to book a consultation in person or via Skype.

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Learn Reiki & self healing

A positive step for people who wish for healing or development is A Course of First Degree Reiki & Self Healing. This is a truly life-changing course that brings understanding, healing and transformation. It focuses on discovering your inner self, finding imbalances and making positive changes, as well as engaging with and developing your own sense of  spirituality. You can join a weekend course with a small group or have a personal course just for you.

Read the free Manual of First Degree Reiki & Self Healing to find our more about Reiki healing.


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Loads of great, free resources

Get instant, personal daily guidance for your health and healing (mobile-friendly) - a daily reading to help you to become happier and healthier.

Try a free guided healing meditation right now that will help to quieten your mind and bring you healing and inner peace.

Read articles about: angels, astrology, chakras, devotional practice, free Will & destiny, karma, meditation, psychics & mediums, reincarnation, relationships, spirit guides, spirituality, and more.

Free Reiki 1 manual

You can read and download a complete and free Reiki 1 manual now.

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Free Reiki 2 manual

You can read and download a complete and free Reiki 2 manual now.

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Your personal healer

Wherever you are in the world I can give you a personal consultation and healing via Skype. You will receive powerful healing, help and guidance.
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Personal daily guidance

Get your free personal daily guidance for your health and healing. Divine guidance that is chosen just for you will help you every day.
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Free Reiki healing now

Receive powerful, free Reiki healing right now. It only takes a few minutes and you will get divine healing for your mind, body and spirit.
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Free guided meditations

Free guided healing meditations to play and download. These bring balance and healing to yourself and your relationships.
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