Angels are pure, divine consciousnesses, created by God to help humans and different aspects of the Earth and the universe. Angels are God's first and were created to build and manage God's divine manifestation - this universe. Unlike our Spirit Guides, Angels have generally not incarnated as humans although they may occasionally take human form when necessary. There are different levels, or choirs of Angels, responsible for helping in different ways. Seraphim are said to be the highest choir of Angels, being pure enough to communicate directly with God. Angels are perfect inasmuch as their consciousnesses have no internal conflict but each Angel is on a path to absolute oneness with all things, through growing ever greater love and wisdom. This said, the Angelic realm as a whole is as one with God and is His right hand in guiding all things along their paths to perfection, including human kind.


The mighty Archangels hold this world in their hands and guide Angelic work here. Their love cannot be imagined and their power is that of God. They are a divine manifestation that is so pure and great that there is nothing that misguided men could conceive of that they could not make right. The Archangels each have aspects of the earth and people to guide and we each can have an affinity with these great beings. Those who were born under air signs are watched over by mighty Archangel Raphael who arises in the east, fire signs are ruled by Archangel Michael who arises in the south, water signs are ruled by Archangel Gabriel who arises in the west and earth signs are ruled by Archangel Auriel who arises in the north. There are other Archangels who rule aspects of the Earth and human existence and they command the Elementals, or nature spirits.

Guardian Angels

We each have a Guardian Angel who stays with us through all of our incarnations and record each one of our thoughts, words and deeds which are then added to the Akashic records. So our Guardian Angels scrutinise and aid our individual progress as learning and ascending consciousnesses. Our lives each have a plan and our Guardian Angels will intervene when necessary to overcome unforeseen events that could jeopardise our souls' learning experiences. our Guardian Angels have access to unlimited power to help us, if necessary, although the sanctity of human free will is a major factor in how much they can do to help us.

Angels are beautiful and have the virtues of God but let not a seemingly mild and divine nature blind you to the awesome power that Angels have. All Angels have a purpose and although they will give help and assistance to us when asked they work directly for God. Angels have absolute and unconditional love for all people and all things, since all things are a divine manifestation.

Our free will as humans is a major deciding factor in the role that Angels can play in our lives. Our own Guardian Angels have influence in some of the major parts of our lives but all Angels would wish to play a greater part in our daily lives to help us recognise our own divinity and become closer to God. All that is required by us is a request for help. There are Angels for every part of human life and human endeavour and to get their help only needs a thought. Not only do I ask Angels for help in daily life, including asking them to send blessings of peace and healing to other people, I also ask them to take away my fear. If you feel that you have doubt or fear about yourself or a situation, ask your Angel to take away the fear and feel that you are releasing it to them. This really works, and it works instantly, if you truly want to let go of troublesome feelings.

If you ask God or your Guardian Angel every day to help and guide you to realise your true potential then you will get this help. If you ask your Guardian Angel to keep you from danger you will get this help. If you ask your Guardian Angel to help you in every aspect of your life, every day, then you will get this help too. When you need help to reach an appointment on time, pass an exam or remember a name, you can be assured that there is a Angel specifically on this Earth to help you with this, so just ask. If your request is for a greater good (even if you cannot see it) then you will get that help in most wonderful ways. Remember that help is given at the speed of thought; as soon as you have thought it, it is done. Have faith that Angels of God's love are everywhere and that neither time nor space hold bounds for them. It is not an inconvenience for them to help you, it is a pleasure.