Entity removal

Entity removal is the term applied to removing foreign energies from within a person's soul. These energies are most often pathological pieces of another person's soul which has fear or pain in sympathy with the part of the host soul to which it is attached. In this way the entity exacerbates the problems within the host soul, thereby encouraging it to learn and grow enough to shed the entity.

Most people will have tens or even hundreds of entities within them which may serve similar purposes to our challenging relationships with people that ultimately help us to grow. These entities may mostly be small and of little significance to our daily lives but sometimes they may affect our feelings noticeably. The entities are there because we have attracted them to us and they will leave when we have outgrown them; not when we have merely grown so that we no longer need them but when we have grown strong enough to reject them. Entities can be forced to leave prematurely but this is normally unwise.

I routinely do entity removal for my clients during major healing meditations (my free guided healing meditation incorporates entity removal). As my clients become clear and balanced during the healing they can release entities. The way this is done is by invoking angelic assistance and guiding the client to put all entities that they can sense into golden bubbles and sending them away, sensing them floating out, up and away. Some entities that are ready to leave may not really want to go and I guide the client to send them away by applying their will and being firm with them. Putting the entities into golden bubbles is a technique taught to me by a shaman and it seems very apt. We can be assured that the angelic guidance isolates those entities, takes them away, cares for them and makes sure that they go to where they should be. We should release entities with compassion, forgiveness and blessings for their own healing.

Where do the entities go to? Well, I routinely do soul retrieval with my clients, so I am sure that those entities that come from incarnate souls will mostly return to those people, when they are ready to get that piece of their soul back. Where they are discarnate souls (between incarnations) the entity will return to the rest of the soul. Entities that are not ready to return to a soul will inevitably be looked after by the higher self.