Psychics and mediums

Every person is psychic but we are psychic to varying degrees and in varying ways. The natural variation in psychism is the same in people as natural variation in height and hair colour and in all things in nature. The way and the extent to which people sense the subtle energies of chakras, of spirit guides or angels varies a lot. Some people are very psychic from birth and see or sense spirits all of their lives, while some people can try really hard but sense very little. Most people are somewhere in between and can sense energies or information when they are relaxed.

We sense energies beyond the physical in a variety of ways and at different levels of consciousness - through different chakras. The methods of perception are usually described as clairsentience for the crown chakra (sensing information), clairvoyance for the third eye (seeing information) and clairaudience for the throat chakra (hearing information). We are clairsentient at most levels of consciousness and we can sense emotional energies through the sacral chakra, for instance. In my experience the sensing of energies is rather complex and is not as straightforward as some people may think.


A medium is someone who acts as an intermediary between a person and a consciousness (a spirit). The medium is someone who can psychically sense detailed information from their Spirit Guides and other consciousnesses. The medium is looked after and guided by their Spirit Guides, who will decide which spirits can relay messages to the medium. Remember that spirits can be on all levels of learning and the soul or spirit of someone who is recently deceased may be going through a period of learning and healing and they may still have emotions and pain attached to them. Compare this to our Spirit Guides who have great love and wisdom and have have very little persona or ego and emotions. The soul of a recently deceased person may be going through a period of reflection and may be learning from their last lifetime. For this reason it is unwise to ask a medium to directly contact a recently deceased soul and it would be an unwise medium who would do this. A medium can hear Spirit Guides, souls and spirits at different levels of consciousness and can bring messages through from them to people. The messages that a soul or spirit can communicate are normally regulated by the medium's Spirit Guides so that only messages of help, support and wise guidance can be transmitted.


When a psychic or medium gives a reading they may often use tarot cards or methods to prompt them. A reading is, or should be, a message that comes from a Spirit Guide or from another divine and wise consciousness although information can also come the psychic's higher self (spirit). When readings are given in this way the psychic or medium is connecting with a consciousness that is great enough to be able to see every part of the client, to know their soul intimately through previous lifetimes to the present and can predict the future accurately. A divine consciousness like this will be able to give wise and loving guidance through the psychic or medium and this guidance should always be supportive and in the person's best interest. The cards are normally used as a prompt as well as a divination tool and to help them to tune in to help and guidance for their client. A difficulty of mediumship is learning to distinguish between what is divine guidance and what is coming from their own mind or soul.

Is it wise to want to know what will happen in the future? Is it necessary? We may have difficult times in our lives when we feel that we would like some wise guidance so that we can find a way forward. We are here to learn greater love and wisdom and align ourselves with God or the most Divine and to have faith. If you ever feel that you want a reading, here is something to try. Before you go to sleep pray to God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Angels or whoever or whatever you believe to be a way of accessing the most loving and wise in the universe. Ask for help and guidance through your dreams so that you can understand where you are and a way forward. This is often better than a reading. Taking time to pray can help us to let go of fear and draws to us loving help and guidance. Through meditation we can learn to directly access our own divine guidance.