Reiki courses

Reiki First Degree, Reiki Second Degree and Reiki Master courses

My Reiki courses are designed to bring healing, understanding, transformation and liberation. I help students to learn about the many, diverse aspects involved in healing and to understand the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects involved in healing and creating positive changes.

I strive to make Reiki healing courses positive, uplifting and happy experiences for all students. These courses are truly life-changing and will give you real insight into your true, spiritual self and your ability to become a powerful healer. The courses are designed to give a broad-based learning which creates a solid foundation for development of the inner self and of healing skills.

A Course of First Degree Reiki and Self-Healing

  • This course costs £150 each for group courses and £200 for individuals and is taught over two six-hour sessions - two consecutive or non-consecutive days.
  • The only entry requirements are:

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A Course of Second Degree Reiki and Healing People

  • This course costs £300 and is taught flexibly to suit you but will normally require a total of about 24 hours contact time.
  • The only entry requirements are:
    • a Usui First Degree attunement,
    • an intent for your continuing self-healing and to practice Reiki healing on others.
  • This course can be taught at my home or at a distance via Skype.

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A Course of Reiki Master and Teaching People

This course is designed to suit individual needs and is flexible so that you can learn the skills that you need to become a competent and confident Reiki teacher. A good practitioner does not necessarily make a good teacher but having taught trainee teachers for several years, I am able to help you to learn how to facilitate learning in your own Reiki students.

You will receive your Reiki Master attunement and you will learn the advanced aspects of spirituality that your require for your own journey and for your teaching. You will learn advanced healing methods and practices that will help you to develop yourself and others as skillful healers.

We can agree mutually convenient sessions and appropriate independent study and practice so that you get the amount of help and support that you need to flourish as a Reiki Master / Teacher. You can learn at your own pace so that you enjoy this wonderful experience and you will have the attunement when you feel it is the right time.

The cost of this course will be based on the number of sessions that we have together, which is based on your individual needs. You can pay as you go, so that you do not need a large outlay of money to get started.