Reiki levels

Reiki 1

First Degree Reiki (Reiki 1) is considered by many teachers as a stage during which the healer heals their self and practices at healing other people – usually friends and family. I tend to tell my Reiki 1 trainees this, knowing that the way that they will be drawn to practice Reiki will depend upon many different factors but most particularly upon their soul journey in this lifetime.

The Reiki 1 attunement is actually comprised of four attunements and I (as well as many other Reiki teachers) consider it to be the most important attunement. I have found that my Reiki 1 students have been guided to my course for different reasons and not always because Reiki is important for them. Some of my students do not continue to practice Reiki after the course but I feel that the course was nevertheless important for them because of the course content about spirituality and balanced spiritual practice. Also the Reiki attunement alone creates a channel for divine love through the crown and third eye chakras which can help to assist spiritual development, whether or not Reiki practice is required for that soul. For other Reiki 1 students of mine I have had little doubt that they will continue to Second Degree Reiki or Reiki Master / Teacher.

The issue of self healing at Reiki First Degree I believe to be very important. I have found that we come into a life and to the time of learning Reiki with varying amounts of issues that require attention and healing. Some of this can take a short time and some may take years of work. It is not the case that Reiki First degree initiates have to be as perfect as possible in order to continue to Reiki Second Degree but rather that they should take an inner journey and discover about themselves before continuing to apply their healing skills to other people. It may be that a soul has so little imbalance that they require little self healing and that this stage is short. Learning about and healing the self with Reiki brings insight into the working of the soul and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the being that help to understand and help others. I have found that the parts of ourselves that we discount as being ‘no problem’ are often the parts that need most attention. Those things that we are most insistent about needing no attention are those parts of ourselves that contain our deepest fears and darkness. The Reiki First Degree attunement, together with determined attention upon self healing will help to bring those issues to light and to healing and personal growth.

The Reiki First Degree training and initiation is, for many, a wonderful and perhaps first stage of spiritual discovery. It can open up a whole new universe and can feel liberating, empowering and altogether wonderful. It can be tempting for some to wish to continue to Reiki Second Degree to get this feeling to an even greater degree. It is easy to think that Reiki is the whole answer and that it will heal and empower without effort from the self. Reiki is not a ticket to sit at a high table but it is truly a divine blessing for a healer and for the world.

Reiki 2

At Second Degree Reiki (Reiki 2) the initiate receives another attunement which considerably increases the power of their healing. Second Degree Reiki healers can use the sacred Reiki symbols which gives their healing a greater flexibility. I feel that Reiki healers should wait until the Second Degree before they advertise as a Reiki healer and charge for this service. The Reiki 2 healer is given much more versatility in their healing; it may be sent to anywhere and into the past and the future and initiates learn to use Reiki in every aspect of their lives and learn to use sacred Reiki symbols in their healing.

Before giving a Reiki 2 initiation I require that people have made an honest effort at self healing and channelling Reiki energy. I would like the Reiki 2 initiate to show that they have practiced healing on friends and family and have embraced the Reiki healing system and energies. I also require that initiates have attained a reasonable degree of spiritual insight and intend that their love and compassion is used to bring healing to others. At Second Degree Reiki, trainees engage with much more powerful healing but this has to be supported with appropriate spiritual practice, together with knowledge of the self and a continuing inner journey.

All Reiki initiates are supported by Reiki spirit guides but at level 2 the initiate's divine guidance may be more tangible. At my Second Degree Reiki attunement my Reiki guide made his presence known to my Reiki Master and from that time I was aware of my Reiki guide helping me to learn and send Reiki healing to wherever it was needed.

At Second Degree Reiki I teach initiates advanced healing techniques which can be used both with clients and remotely. Students will be able to apply these techniques to bring profound change to people's lives. Students will become competent and confident at helping to give healing and help to a wide variety of people an situations.

Reiki Master

The Reiki level 3 is an attunement that enables the initiate to attune others for Reiki 1, 2 and 3 and this level is known as Reiki Masters. The Reiki level 4 requires that the initiate is competent at teaching Reiki and this level is known as Reiki Teacher. Usually the Reiki levels 3 and 4 are done together and people at this stage call themselves Reiki Master although some will call themselves Reiki Master/Teacher to reflect the distinction between levels 3 and 4.

The Reiki Master initiation is for those who have shown a commitment to their own spiritual development and that of others. My own Reiki Master told me that the Reiki Master degree changes lives permanently. Whereas there are those who may have the level 1 initiation and then may or may not practice it, this should not happen at Reiki Master. It is an affirmation that the initiate wishes to lead by example in the field of Reiki healing and it is an affirmation by the true Reiki Masters, in spirit, that you may become an ambassador of their great love. It is a step that is taken after careful consideration and with a deep sense of reverence for and commitment to the Reiki healing system.

There are usually considered to be four stages of Reiki but levels 3 and 4 are often combined together, called Reiki Master / Teacher. I consider that Reiki 1 is mainly about self healing, Reiki 2 is for healing others and Reiki 3 and 4, known as Reiki Master is for giving attunements to others teaching Reiki healing. There are those who would disagree and who give Reiki levels 1 and 2 together and there are some who give all three levels together in a short period of time. There is no doubt that the giving of an attunement is a Divine gift for both the Reiki Master and the attuned healer and nothing can detract from that and that those who are attuned will always have the benefit of the attunement. But I believe that there are good reasons why the Reiki stages should be taught and practiced over an extended period.

I read that it is Reiki that chooses the person, rather than the other way around and I feel that to trust in the power of Reiki as a healing system and a spiritual path is to trust in the immense divine guidance that comes with it. But we all have free will and I have known potential initiates and Reiki Masters (including myself) who have entered into Reiki training and attunement when it is not really right for an initiate. We are spiritual beings with a human aspect and to consciously undertake personal and spiritual growth is wise and wonderful and always in the best interest of a person and a soul however, this does not mean that Reiki is the right course for every person. I have found many indications that Reiki is a healing system and spiritual path that is appropriate for some but not for all. In my experience those that seek healing and spiritual insight will be guided on the right path and it is for them and Reiki Masters to seek divine guidance and wisdom about what is best for each person.


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