Receive Reiki healing now

Reiki healing image

How it works

The image to the left has been attuned to Reiki healing energy and through it you can receive Reiki healing. You can follow some brief preparation (written below) or listen to the 3 minute audio preparation to guide you through this.

This healing is powerful, immediate and effective and Reiki is always for the greatest good, so you can be assured that it will be beneficial for you.

Preparation - audio

Here is a 3 minute audio preparation for receiving Reiki now.

Preparation - text

Hello and welcome to this Reiki healing session just for you. I will just guide you through a short process of preparation to receive Reiki healing now.

So firstly just relax – maybe take a couple of deep breaths – and prepare yourself to receive healing and for wonderful, positive changes in your life. Prepare to let go of old worries and problems and to become healthier and happier. Imagine before you a bright path that is your fruitful, fulfilling and happy life and allow yourself to walk down this path with confidence.

You can feel open to receiving divine blessings as you make a connection with that which you consider most loving, wise and divine whether this is God, Buddha, Jesus, angels, the divine Reiki Masters or the universe and ask for complete healing. Feel a deep intent to be healed at every level of your being.

Now imagine your heart chakra as the energy centre in the middle of your chest that is related to unconditional love and happiness. Imagine your heart chakra has the quality of the sun, radiating intense light all through your body and as you do this feel your love for yourself. Feel a sense of wishing good things for yourself – good health, happiness, success and love. You’re letting go of the past as you feel a sense of forgiveness, acceptance and peace. Feel that your powerful, radiant love shines through every part of you.

With the healing image in front of you, you can now feel a sense of connecting with Reiki healing energies as they flow through you, healing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. Feel how light and free you become as you stay here, receiving Reiki healing for as long as you wish.