Soul retrieval

Soul retrieval is the term applied to bringing a fragment of soul back to an person. Fragments of soul may be entities or ghosts and are normally small parts of soul that have broken away during or at the end of a lifetime. In the case of a ghost it may be due to a trauma during or at the end of a lifetime or due a mental or emotional imbalance. In the case of an entity it can be due to an imbalance in the soul together with a relationship with someone who has an issue in sympathy with it that leads to the energy detaching from the soul.

Whatever the reason for the fragment of soul leaving, the fragment of soul learns and grows through its experience and the soul from which it came learns and grows from the experience. In the case of an entity, the soul to which the fragment of soul attaches learns and grows from the experience as well.

Soul retrieval can only be done if the fragment of soul is willing to come back to the soul from where it came. Likewise the soul retrieval can only be done if the soul from which it came is ready to have the energy back. The soul fragment may still have fear and pain related to the issue that led it to leave in the first place and likewise the soul from which it came might have unresolved issues that led to the fragment leaving.

It should be remembered every small part of a soul is divine - however it behaves and whatever issues it has. Every fragment of soul has had hundreds or thousands of years or lifetimes of experience and has learned and grown since it was a newly created soul. People and their soul fragments should be treated with respect, kindness and compassion although sometimes they may need to be treated firmly as well.

It should be remembered that a soul is inexorably connected to every part of itself, wherever those parts may be and this link can never be broken. This means that clients can use this connection to draw back to them fragments that are elsewhere. Their soul senses them and knows where they are.

I routinely do soul retrieval with my clients at just about every healing session and the way it is done is by sending healing to every part of the client's soul, wherever it is in the world. The soul retrieval is done at the end of the session, when the client is more balanced and after entity removal had been done since conditions are then best for soul retrieval. Healing is sent to every part of a client's soul, wherever they are, and clients are guided to bring back their energy to them.

It is worth noting that soul retrieval will inevitably change a person but the amount that they will feel different will depend upon the amount of soul retrieved. The retrieved soul will almost certainly still have some of the fear and pain that led it to leave to start with and the host soul will probably have some of the issue too, so when the soul parts are retrieved it may feel as if the issue is amplified or exacerbated for a while. Some people after a soul retrieval will feel a huge change but most people will not notice any discernable change but all will have changed and become ultimately stronger. Faith is required that the person can handle it because the process should always be divinely guided and assisted.

If you would like help with soul retrieval you can contact me.