Spirit guides

Spirit guides are spirits or consciousnesses, more developed than our own, that guide us throughout our lives as humans on Earth. They are consciousnesses that have all had human incarnations on Earth and therefore understand the challenges and opportunities associated with living as a person. Each of us has at least one spirit guide with us all of the time and as much divine guidance and help as we need which may come in the form of physical, spiritual and mental guidance and any manner of helpful acts. If you were neither aware of spirit guides nor knew of their existence, this does not mean they haven’t helped you. Your prayers for divine assistance may be answered by these divine representatives in the most appropriate ways and even if you haven't prayed for help, your spirit guide may have helped you many times before, with many aspects of your life. Our spirit guides know every thought in our minds and understand more about our minds, bodies and souls than we do. Their divine love is unconditional and never diminishes, whatever we do. Our spirit guides will always keep trying to help us to realise our potential for growth, balance and happiness in each lifetime.

Spirit guides are a part of a hierarchy of ever greater divine consciousnesses that choose to help and guide the growth of souls which incarnate. Divine love and wisdom shines through the hierarchy great lords, masters, teachers and guides to illuminate the ones below and ultimately to you and me. Divine love is unconditional and cares for each of us, no matter how great or small our consciousness is - whether we are new souls or old and whatever choices we make we are loved equally. Each soul is divinely guided to learn and grow more loving and wise and as we grow, humanity evolves.

We all have at least one spirit guide from birth but we can also have other spirit guides help us at different times in our lives, when we need them, and it is not uncommon to have a deceased loved one come to be with us. However, if you feel a familiar presence it doesn't necessarily mean that they are more loving or wiser than you - perhaps they are there to learn from you. We can be sure, though, that every consciousness near us is there for a reason and has purpose.

Spirit Guides treat us with unconditional love and we can always depend on them, however they do not live our lives for us. They cannot prevent the pain of our challenges that help us to develop but through our prayers and intent to live better lives and make wiser choices we invite divine intervention through our guides and other divine beings.