Jenny, Leicester

Mark has done so much to help me grow and improve as a person. He has helped me to improve myself as well as helping me to heal. I approached my sessions with an open mind as I had never tried spiritual healing before and was amazed, and at times overwhelmed, by the help that was provided for me. Mark has been kind and patient along my journey and incredibly supportive at all stages, both during and outside of sessions. He has a reassuring, calm manner and has enabled me to feel empowered and strong enough to continue my healing journey on my own, knowing that support and guidance is there should I need it.

Catherine, Colchester

Mark has helped and is continuing to help me through a very difficult time in my life. He is respectful and compassionate in every way, making me feel comfortable and at ease from the start. The integrity of his spiritual guidance and energetic intuition has had a profound effect on me. I highly recommend Mark’s work for all levels of healing. Thank you for all the kindness, support and guidance you have given me. I have really felt every part of me coming together more clearly, helping me learn more about my spiritual self and grow into a stronger person.

Emma, Bracknell

""I contacted Mark give me guidance and help with an issue that I felt I couldn't deal with on my own. Despite us never meeting in person, Mark provided a compassionate and non-judgmental ear which saw me through the rough patch and far beyond. His interpretation of events was both comforting and pragmatic and enabled me to take a path of action that was ultimately successful and authentic." "His wise and calm voice over the phone helped me to think about things in a more objective fashion and his guided meditations were such a powerful experience that they left me feeling lighter and more uplifted than I could have believed possible.

"When I got in touch one day with an ongoing health problem that had flared up, he was able to provide healing at a distance which helped to me to recover. Wonderful! He is clearly a talented healer and advisor and I'm very glad to have him in my corner."


Sandie, Felixstowe

When I went to Mark’s Reiki 1 weekend I was immediately struck by a feeling of peace, oneness and respect. A sense of relaxation, acceptance and harmony has been with me ever since. I left that weekend a very different person; strangely comforted and now, two months later I have entered a new chapter of my life. I find myself smiling and I don’t need to ask why. I have gained so much from my weekend of Reiki - an inner sense of wellbeing, an acceptance of myself, life and love, and a deep sense of personal wealth."

Sarah, Ipswich

“Mark offers down-to-earth, compassionate healing, guidance and understanding. He is always respectful of your personal beliefs, privacy and emotional state. His healing work is always undertaken with the highest of intentions and professional conduct. He has supported and guided me through some of the most trying situations with the utmost kindness and patience.”

Fiona, Framlingham

"For anyone wanting to change their lives for the better or just thinking about doing so, I would recommend introducing Reiki into their life. I was fortunate to meet Mark, now my Reiki Master, at a time when my life was a mess, and i was out of control, with no life value or self worth. Today I am in such a better place, having completed my Reiki 1 & 2 attunements with Mark, together with some personal healing and issues to work through, I am a happier, calmer, stronger more content person, ready for the rest of my life! Thank you Mark for your continued support and patience.

Jo, Ipswich

"I would highly recommend Mark's workshops to anyone who is ready to move forward in their life. Mark's skill as a teacher and healer is evident in the way he is able to put people at ease and create a situation where the love and healing energy is tangible and real. I am thankful for the wonderful gift of Reiki."


Debs, Beccles

"My experience of the Reiki 1 was, in many ways, more profound than I had expected. Mark’s course offers a comprehensive and enlightening initiation into engaging with universal energy. However for me, the experience has been more far reaching than the two days of meditation and healing. The attention to my inner self that was necessary for the course, has become a step on the path to a more peaceful and aware state of consciousness. Mark’s guidance through the healing that I received on the course, and his support since, is a gift."

Hayley, Ipswich

"Since doing the Reiki 1 course I definitely feel more in touch with my spiritual side. It's like I am more tuned in and have a greater sensitivity to another energy being present in my life. It's weird because ever since I did the course I sense that my spirit guides have been trying to send messages and guide me (particularly in my dreams). It has also helped me in the process of following my instincts more and trying to be true to myself."

"Basically the course was the first step in the direction I would like my vocation/career to take. I look forward to using my Reiki to help heal others and eventually I would like to progress to the Reiki 2 course when I'm ready."

Mick & Sarah, Woodbridge

"Being taught Reiki 1 by Mark had a profound effect on us as our lives began to change for the better quite soon into the course. Through Mark's guidance, inspiration and unique teaching methods we were able to gain a deep sense of awareness of our own spirituality, enhancing our abilities to heal ourselves and others. Reiki has definitely strengthened our marriage - it's great to be able to 'Reiki' each other, and to work as a team when treating friends/family."

Chris, Leiston

"My Reiki attunement was a truly life changing experience, I am a calmer person and see things differently. Mark is able to instil a sense of peace by guiding you thorough meditations and blocking out the noise of the outside world."